Ember Generation Project

Burning samples in a wind tunnel to determine which factors influence the ember generation rate the most.

Pulse Detonation Engine

Operating on propane and N20

Pulse Detonation Engine

Exhaust plume for a PDE operating on N2O and C3H8

Propulsion Laboratory

IR video showing inaugural solid rocket test fire at the new OSU Propulsion Laboratory

Spark Kernel Evolution

IR video of spark kernel from gas turbine engine igniter

Combustion, Ignition, Radiation, and Energy Laboratory

Propulsion Laboratory

Dr. Blunck's research was recently highlighted in this video from Oregon State University [Link]


Funding from the following organizations is gratefully acknowledged:

FAA, Air Force Research Laboratory, American Chemical Society, Office of Naval Research, National Energy and Technology Laboratory (NETL), Joint Fire Science Program, Stragetic Enivronmental and Research Development Program (SERDP), Oregon BEST, OSU Foundation.



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