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       Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) is the study and design of the interaction or interfaces through which people and computers interact. HCI is the converging point between sociology, computer science, design, and psychology.


      We study many human elements and domains of computing. Much of our research is centered around open source software, including: how people do bug tracking, identifying barriers to entry, improving female and minority participation, and involving older adults in design and development. Additionally, our group studies programmer efficacy, provenance, identifying code smells, and human aspects and usability issues in software reliability, privacy, and security.


     Our close connection with OSU’s Open Source Lab has provided a unique opportunity to conduct research on open source communities.


Current Research

Analysis of Free and Open Source Projects and Communities
An ensemble of extensions for development environments.
We study the cognitive factors in HCI that affect people in software engineering.

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School of EECS
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