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HCI Related Courses

Computer Science

CS352 – Usability Engineering
CS519HCI Research Methods
CS519 – Information Visualization
CS519 – Open Source Software Development
CS584 – Human Factors in Programming Languages
CS569 – Case Studies
CS589 – Empirical Lab Studies
Human Development and Family Sciences
HDFS538 – Qualitative Methods
COMM426 – Inter Cultural Communication : Theories and issues
Industrial Engineering
IE545 – Human Factors Engineering
IE546 – Human-Machine Systems Engineering
IE548 – Cognitive Engineering
PSY340 - Cognition
PSY560 – Advanced Social Research Methods
PSY594 – Engineering Psychology
ST511 – Methods of Data Analysis
ST512 – Methods of Data Analysis
ST513 – Methods of Data Analysis
ST515 – Design and Analysis of Planned Experiments
ST531 – Sampling
ST539 – Survey Methods
ST551 – Statistical Methods
ST552 – Statistical Methods
ST553 – Statistical Methods
(Talk to the instructor before taking either ST51x or ST55x series. If you have an engineering back ground, ST55x may be better suited.)

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