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Code smell
Automated code smell detection
Collaborative IDE for HTML5 application development
An integrated development environment for Distributed eXtreme Programming (DXP)
Emergent Qualities of Diversity in FOSS
The Emergent Qualities of Diversity in Free and Open Source Software Communities: A Critical Review and Multidimensional Analysis Over the last forty years, the FOSS community has grown into a remarkably large association of software projects that provide solutions to many diverse home, business, government, and industry users. With such size, one would expect the diversity of FOSS’s community members to mirror the diversity of its projects. Several large FOSS developer surveys from early 2000 show that the FOSS community is not diverse in its demographic attributes. The discussion surrounding this disparity has persisted with constructive—diversity statements and community change, and destructive results—flaming and backlash. In this paper we present a critical discussion of the characteristics of FOSS communities that directly and indirectly affect diversity.
iTV (Funded By Intel)
Navigation Techniques In Mobile Virtual Environments
This project is an exploration into a a design space that has seen a fair amount of development, yet not much widespread acceptance or popularity: mobile augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) applications. The apparent lack of visible work in this area is puzzling because of the advantages a mobile platform could provide for AR/VR applications. This study investigates the current state of mobile AR and VR applications and explores the design space by building a prototype application that leverages these advantages.
Older Adults in FOSS
This project aims at understanding contributions to open source by older adults and ways to include more older adults in the design and development of open source.
Virtual Team/GSD
Collaborative software development

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