MATS 584 : Advanced Fracture of Materials (Dislocation Theory & Simple Fracture)

This course seeks to give graduate students a fundamental understanding of the underlying mechanisms of plastic deformation towards failure of materials. Specifically, this course focuses on elementary dislocation theory for crystalline materials and fracture of materials by understanding the fundamental mechanisms of fracture mechanics for different materials conditions, stress levels and environment.

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MATS 587 : Creep & Fatigue (Plastic Deformaiton under Suepcial Conditions)

This lecture emphasizes the understanding of the effects of dislocation behavior on FCC, BCC and HCP crystal structures, and the fundamentals of creep properties including the mechanics, mechanisms and phenomena, as applied to metallic metals and alloys. This includes the interaction of dislocations such as climb, jogs, intersection and multiplication of dislocations, the roles of dislocations on plastic deformation of metals, and mechanisms of plastic deformation under different stress stages.


MATS 322 : Mechanical Properties of Materials

This course covers mechanical behavior of materials, relating laboratory test results to material structure and elements of mechanical analysis.
Topics we covers are: Dislocations; Strain hardening and GB strengthening; Annealing; Solute strengthening; Precipitate; Steel mechanical properties; Brittle fracture; Ductile fracture; Fatigue; Creep/Composites.