This page is currently under construction, but please check back soon for a completed list of our research. (Last update April 2015)

Bioinspired Mechanisms

In order to ensure reliable adhesion between their molting cycles, geckos have evolved remarkable mechanisms to keep their toes clean. Such self-cleaning adhesives could be used as reusable medical bandages, sticky feet for wall-climbing robots, or a replacement for everyday duct-tape.

Soft Active Materials

Characterizing and controlling the nonlinear mechanics of a soft metamaterial composed of arrays of miropillars allows us to selectively turn "on" and "off" its adhesion. The compliant polymer micropillars are safe for use with fragile parts, and, due to exploiting intermolecular forces, could be effective on most materials and in air, vacuum, and liquid environments.

Wearable Systems

Human motion sensing has played an important role in the study of biomechanics, but is often limited in the sensing volume. The prototype motion sensing suit has applications as a diagnostic system that can be worn outside the laboratory and as a feedback system for soft wearable robotics.


Animal mobility far exceeds the capabilities of mobile robots in terms of agility, robustness, and terrain flexibility. We created a robot that exploited gecko-inspired synthetic adhesives for wall-climbing with applications in search and rescue and space exploration.