Manufacturing Process Control Laboratory (MPCL) conducts research on manufacturing processes, machines and their automation.
One of our main strength is the development of NC (numerical control) systems for manufacturing equipment such as CNC machine tools or industrial automation systems. We develop precision motion control laws and smooth trajectory generation algorithms to realize high-speed high-accuracy motion in manufacturing systems. Our research effort is particularly focused on complex coordinated motion generation in high performance CNC machine tools, and some other applications include wafer steppers, robots as well as precision measurement devices.

Another area of research interest is on the design, modeling and optimisation of advanced manufacturing processes. Emphasis is put on the metal cutting operations and optimization of various processes with respect to metrics such as chatter vibrations, surface quality and material removal rate.

If you are interested in machine tools, manufacturing and automation, and would like to share ideas or conduct research with us, we welcome you to contact us.

Burak Sencer, Ph.D

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