Conference Location
Abstracts Due
19-21 JUL 6th GeoChina International Conference Nanchang, China TBD
27-30 45th Annual Conference on Deep Foundations Online TBD
24-27 OCT 43rd DFI Annual Conference: Young Professor Competition Anaheim, CA, USA 09 MAR 18
24-27 OCT 43rd DFI Annual Conference: Student Paper Competition Anaheim, CA, USA 09 MAR 18
24-27 OCT 42nd DFI Annual Conference: Young Professor Competition New Orleans, USA 07 APR 17
24-27 OCT 42nd DFI Annual Conference: Student Paper Competition New Orleans, USA 10 APR 17
25-27 JAN Workshop on Geotechnical Fundamentals in the Face of New World Challenges Washington, DC, USA 15 AUG 15
14-17 FEB Geotechnical and Structural Engineering Congress Phoenix, AZ, USA 07 APR 15
30-31 MAR International Conference on Geotechnical Research and Engineering Prague, Czech Republic 10 DEC 15
22-28 APR World Tunnel Congress San Francisco, CA, USA 15 JUN 15
01-03 JUN 10th International Conference on Stress Wave Theory and Testing of Deep Foundations Lowell, MA, USA 02 MAR 15
06-08 JUN Transportation Research Congress Beijing, China 01 OCT 15
11-15 JUL 4th International Conference on Soil Bio- and Eco-Engineering: The Use of Vegetation to Improve Slope Stability Sydney, Australia 01 MAR 16
25-27 JUL GeoChina 2016 Shandong, China 15 APR 15
14-18 AUG Geo-Chicago 2016: Sustainability, Energy, and the Geoenvironment Chicago, IL, USA 15 MAY 15
29-31 AUG 1st International Conference on Energy Geotechnics - ICEGT 2016 Kiel, Germany 30 NOV 15
05-09 SEP 5th International Conference on Geotechnical and Geophysical Site Characterisation Gold Coast, Australia 30 SEP 15
25-28 SEP EuroGeo6: 6th European Geosynthetics Congress Istanbul, Turkey 30 NOV 15
12-17 MAR Geocongress 2017: The Third Geotechnical Frontiers Conference Orlando, FL, USA  
22-24 MAY EPS '17: 5th International Conference on the Use of EPS Geofoam Blocks in Construction Applications Istanbul, Turkey  
04-06 JUN Geo-Risk 2017: Geotechnical Risk from Theory to Practice Denver, CO, USA Early 2016







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