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Picture of the DWL66fs laser lithography system in the Owen cleanrrom The DWL66fs is primarily used to generate chrome on quartz lithography masks with a minimum structure size of 1 micron.  Additionally the system can be used for direct write lithography

Heildelberg Instruments


Direct Write Pattern Generator

Owen Cleanroom

Dr. Pallavi Dhagat



Picture of one of the MJB3 aligners in the Owen cleanrrom. MaSC currently has two MJB3 contact aligners.  These tools are used for photolithography with critical dimension to approximately 5 um.

Karl Suss


Contact aligner

Owen Cleanroom

Dr. John Wager



Picture of the SF-100 maskless lithography system  The SF-100 maskless lithography system allows for ......

 Intelligent Micro Patterning LLC


Maskless Lithography System



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