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Solution Thin-Film Deposition


Picture of the Tractix system in the Owen cleanroom

This system includes a 6000 rpm spin module with edge bead removal, a high temperature bake module, and an active cooling module along a linear track.  Four inch wafers are loaded automatically from a standard cassette.  Conversion for wafers up to six inch is possible.  Special carrier wafers are used to accommodate small substrates.  A touch screen GUI provides flexible recipe control.  Three separate cartridges dispense fluids onto the substrate.  The system is used for deposition of prompt inorganic condensation materials.

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Track coating system

Owen cleanroom

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Dr. Doug Keszler




Picture of the Sonoplotter sstem in the Owen cleanroom The Sonoplotter is a micro pipet printer used to print and pattern devices.


Owen cleanroom

Dr. John Wager


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