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Thermal Processing


O2 partial pressure furnance in Dr. Brady Gibbon's lab. O2 partial pressure furnace.

O2 partial pressure furnace

Dearborn 300

Dr. Brady Gibbons


Picture of the rapid thermal processor RX in the Owen Cleanroom

This furnace employs IR heating through a quartz chamber for implant annealing, oxidation/nitriding, silicide formation, and other rapid thermal processes.  It is capable of temperatures up to 1200C for a maximum of three minutes.  Regulation extends from room temperature.  Lifetime of the thermocouple degrades rapidly above 1000C.  Processes are carried out at atmospheric pressure in an ambient of Nitrogen, Argon, or Hydrogen:Argon forming gas.

AET Thermal

Rapid Thermal Processor RX4

Thermal processor

Owen Cleanroom

Dr. John Wager



  The Owen cleanroom has several Thermolyne furnaces.  These units are used to anneal samples in air ambient up to 1100 C.


47900, 62700


Owen Cleanroom

Dr. John Wager



Picture of a Protherm furnace This lab houses four furnaces capable of 1150 C processing, and one furnace capable of 1700 C.




Ceramics Synthesis and Measurement Lab

Dr. Caan


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