Welcome to the Process Improvement Group at Oregon State University!

The Process Improvement Group (Pi Group) applies engineering concepts, such as lean manufacturing principles, performance management frameworks, and human systems analysis, to (1) Describe processes in a manner that empowers decision makers with accurate cause-effect knowledge of systems being managed, (2) Identify and explain underlying drivers of quality, performance, change management and organizational resiliency, etc., and (3) Devise new approaches for solving problems in lean implementation, technology diffusion and entrepresneurship, and team performance improvement.



We apply holistic socio-technical approaches to address pressing problems in

- Healthcare

- Project Team Management

- New Product Development

- Manufacturing Systems Management

- Technology Diffusion (e.g. Smart Grid Technology acceptance)

- Technology Policy

- Technical Entrepreneurship

Our approach is holistic because we incorporate industry, regional and national policy considerations in work to address team and organizational level challenges.