by H.G. Poulos and E.H. Davis, 1974

Professor Harry Poulos, Emeritus Professor from the University of Sydney and a Senior Principal Consultant with Coffey & Partners, has graciously (and generously) agreed to allow USUCGER to post a PDF version of the seminal book Elastic Solutions for Soil and Rock Mechanics (co-authored with the late E.H. Davis). Professor Paul Mayne and Carol Maddox of the Georgia Tech Geosystems Group are also to be thanked for their efforts in producing these PDF documents.

PLEASE NOTE: Acrobat Reader 8 (or later) is required to open the following files.

Click here to download the entire book (caution: 134 MB) or see below for individual chapters.

  Chapter 1 Fundamental Definitions and Relationships
  Chapter 2 Basic Solutions for Concentrated Loading
  Chapter 3 Distributed Loads on the Surface of a Semi-Infinite Mass
  Chapter 4 Distributed Loading Beneath the Surface of a Semi-Infinite Mass
  Chapter 5 Surface Loading of a Finite Layer Underlain by a Rigid Base
  Chapter 6 Surface Loading of Multi-Layer Systems
  Chapter 7 Rigid Loaded Areas
  Chapter 8 Stresses and Displacements in Cross-Anisotropic Media
  Chapter 9 Stresses and Displacements in a Non-Homogenous Elastic Mass
  Chapter 10 Stresses and Displacements in Embankments and Slopes
  Chapter 11 Stresses and Displacements Around Underground Openings
  Chapter 12 Raft Foundations
  Chapter 13 Axially Loaded Piles
  Chapter 14 Piles Subjected to Lateral Load and Moment
  Chapter 15 Miscellaneous Problems
  Appendices and References

A: Stresses and Displacements in a Loaded Orthorhombic Halfspace
B: Circular Loads Applied to a Cross-Anisotropic Halfspace

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