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Association of Environmental & Engineering Geologists (AEG)


Full AEG members are individuals who hold a degree in environmental geology, engineering geology or geological engineering, hydrogeology, or a degree in a related professional field and who practice in the field of Engineering Geology, Environmental Geology, or Hydrogeology. AEG Affiliate members are scientists or engineers who work with environmental or engineering geologists or hydrogeologists or persons interested in those areas of practice. We also offer International, Teacher and Student memberships.

How to get involved:

AEG offers a Visiting Professionals Program, with additional information offered online at

Student Membership:

Students can join AEG by signing up online or via a paper form which can be downloaded at Student membership is free! Any inquiries can be sent to us at   

Student Opportunities:

These Funds assist students to attend field camps, professional meetings, and support student research, scholarship, and professional development. Deadline for scholarships is 11:59 pm EST on February 1st, yearly.

  • BEARDSLEY-KUPER FUND: This scholarship was established in 2009 by Cathryne Beardsley with her daughter Dorian Kuper and son-in-law Tom Kuper. The fund provides financial support for field camp tuition and expenses.  Charter
  • CAROLINAS SCHOLARSHIP FUND: Established in 2015 with initial funds for the gift from Carolinas Section, the Carolinas Scholarship Fund supports geologic studies by undergraduate students enrolled in a Geology or Geoscience Program at an accredited university in North Carolina or South Carolina.  Charter
  • LEMKE FUND: This scholarship was established in 2007 in memory of June and Richard Lemke and provides supporting funds to AEG Student Members presenting at professional meetings at which AEG plays a substantial role.  Charter
  • MARLIAVE FUND: The Marliave Fund was established by AEG in 1968 and is in memory of Burton, Chester, and Elmer Marliave. This fund supports graduate and undergraduate Scholarships in Engineering Geology and Geological Engineering.  Charter
  • MATHEWSON FUND: This scholarship was established in by the AEG Texas Section in 2007 and provides supporting funds to AEG Student Members studying in Texas.  Charter
  • SHLEMON QUATERNARY ENGINEERING GEOLOGY FUND: The Shlemon Quaternary Engineering Geology Scholarship Fund supports geologic studies by students at the graduate level.  Charter
  • STOUT FUND: Established in 1994 by the Southern California Section in honor of Professor Martin Stout. This fund supports graduate and undergraduate students in environmental and engineering Geology.  Charter
  • STUDENT CHAPTER GRANT PROGRAM: This program supports AEG Student Chapters for field trips, visiting professionals, and other program needs through small grants.
  • TILFORD FUND: Established in 1998 in memory of Norman Tilford, a Past President and Executive Director of AEG, and professor at Texas A&M. This fund is distributed as grants awarded to graduate and undergraduate students in support of field studies.  Charter
  • WEST-GRAY SCHOLARSHIP FUND: Established in 2014 with initial funding provided by a gift from Terry R. West and Richard E. Gray, Past Presidents of the Association of Environmental & Engineering Geologists. This fund supports undergraduate and graduate geology students in the eastern half of the United State through scholarship grants.  Charter

Information is listed on:

Other Opportunities:

AEG provides a variety of opportunities for Colleges/Universities to reach our members:
•           Corporate Sponsorship
•           AEG News advertising
•           Meeting/Symposium Exhibitor and/or Sponsorship


Deep Foundations Institute (DFI)


DFI is an international association of contractors, engineers, suppliers, academics and owners in the deep foundations industry. DFI has a diverse membership that encompasses all disciplines of our industry and performs the various specialties that comprise deep foundations. The membership includes people and companies from across the globe.
Membership by organization type:

Contractors - 1151 (37%)
Consulting Engineers - 854 (28 %)
Suppliers - 572 (19%)
Academics - 9%

How to get involved:

The main contact at DFI when seeking a speaker for classes is Mary Ellen Large ( With regard to courses or seminars, DFI’s website provides a list of upcoming DFI events ( as well as industry events (

Student Membership:

 A student can become a DFI member for free and benefit from all the opportunities DFI offers to its student members, such as:

  • Network with thousands of members and industry professionals.
  • Expand your knowledge at conferences, seminars and workshops.
  • Join one of DFI's Technical Committees.
  • Receive the online version of Deep Foundations magazine six times a year and the DFI Journal 3 times per year, and always be up to date.
  • Access and download up to 110,000 articles, technical papers and books from DFI and organizations all over the world — at no cost.
  • Connect and communicate with industry peers through social media such as DFI's Facebook page and LinkedIn Groups.
  • Students can receive the print version of the magazine for $50/year.

Student Individual Membership is allowed for students enrolled in a deep foundations related curriculum for up to two years and who provide a copy of their school ID with submission of their application.

To find out more about membership benefits and how to enroll, students should visit or contact DFI at Phone: 973-423-4030

Student Opportunities:

Other than the advantages for student members listed in answer to Q. 4, DFI offers several other opportunities available for student members, such as:

  • Student Chapters- DFI Student Chapters are organized to allow student members to participate in improvement of the planning, design, and construction aspects of deep foundations and deep excavations.
  • DFI currently supports Student Chapters at CCNY, University of California at Berkeley, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, University of Missouri and American University Dubai.
  • DFI members serve as Chapter liaisons to facilitate and promote DFI interaction with university students.
  • Student Paper Competition- The Deep Foundations Institute and the DFI Educational Trust annually hold a Student Paper Competition which is open to graduate and undergraduate students of engineering and construction. The individual contest winner are invited to attend the DFI Annual Conference on Deep Foundations to present her/his paper. Conference registration, two nights of lodging and a $750 stipend for travel expenses is provided to the winner. Both the winner and first runner-up have their papers published in the conference proceedings and receive a library of up to 20 DFI Publications and a gratis two-year Individual Membership in DFI.
  • At-Large Scholarship-This program awards scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students studying in the fields of geotechnical and foundation engineering at any U.S. college or university. There are currently six At-Large Scholarships, ranging from $2,000 to $5,000 each that are awarded each year. Awards may be used for funding tuition, fees, books, and/or educational living expenses. These scholarships are:

    1. Educational Trust General Scholarship Fund
    2. Paul DeBruyn Memorial Student Scholarship Fund (assistance for attendance of DFI conferences/seminars)
    3. Manuel Fine Civil Engineering Scholarship Fund
    4. Francis Gularte Scholarship Fund
    5. John O'Malley Scholarship Fund
    6. Thomas Wysockey Civil Engineering Scholarship

  • School-specific Scholarship Funds - There are 8 different school specific scholarship funds that DFI Educational Trust manages. The scholarships are:

    1. Charles J. Berkel Memorial Scholarship Fund
    2. Stanley Merjan City College of New York Civil Engineering Scholarship
    3. Larry P. Rayburn University of Cincinnati Civil Engineering Scholarship
    4. Carnegie Mellon University Scholarship
    5. Penn State Scholarship Fund
    6. University of Pittsburgh Scholarship Fund
    7. Langan Engineering & Environmental Services Legacy Scholarship Fund
    8. Michael L. Condon Civil Engineering Scholarship Fund

Details can be found on under “Scholarships” tab.


Other Opportunities:

Here is the link to the web page with student resources and opportunities:   

Below is a comprehensive list of resources for students, within DFI as well as in the industry at large:

Join DFI for Free: Individual annual membership dues for students are free. Student must provide a copy of their student ID card upon submission of their application.

DFI on Facebook: Stay informed about DFI and connect with DFI members from around the world.

DFI's LinkedIn page: Connect with industry experts on DFI's LinkedIn page.

Enter the Student Paper Competition: DFI and the DFI Educational Trust hold an annual Student Paper Competition, which is open to graduate and undergraduate students of engineering and construction. For the Current Call for Papers, Click Here. As a DFI Student Member you are entitled to free, unlimited downloads of 100,000+ papers and articles on mining, tunneling and deep foundations construction from this online document library. To access the resources, simply register at You will need to select DFI as your society of affiliation, and use your DFI membership number when registering. For additional help registering, contact or call 1-973-423-4030.

At-Large Scholarship: This program awards scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students studying in the fields of geotechnical and foundation engineering at any U.S. college or university. There are currently six At-Large Scholarships. To download an application and detailed eligibility and submission instructions, click here.

DFI Student Chapter Manual: DFI has produced a manual as a resource for existing chapters and university students interested in starting a chapter. The manual includes: the benefits of chapter membership, a student chapter mission statement, chapter structure and suggested activities, annual planning documents, scholarship notices, chapter contact directories so chapters can work together, sample activity flyers, sample meeting agendas and an application to start a chapter.

Links: Access Links to Industry Organizations, Government Agencies and Other Websites of Interest. A comprehensive engineering educational website for students. The website allows students interested in the engineering industry to compare, contrast and contact different schools and programs.


ADSC-IAFD (The International Association of Foundation Drilling)


ADSC’s membership includes specialty sub-contractors working with Drilled Shaft, Micropile, and Anchored Earth Retention technologies, as well as Equipment Manufacturers and product suppliers, and engineers.

How to get involved:

Contact Mike Moore, CEO,

Student Membership:

Please contact BD Smith at for student membership information.

Student Opportunities:

Industry Advancement Fund Civil Engineering Graduate Study Scholarships, (winners receive scholarship money, travel and registration costs paid to ADSC Annual Meeting).




Membership is open to individuals and organizations engaged in geoprofessional research, education, design, testing, manufacturing, construction, operations, and maintenance.

How to get involved:

There are four categories of Geo-Institute membership:


Student Membership:

Student membership in the G-I is open to undergraduate and graduate students who are pursuing an academic discipline related to the geoprofession. Student membership — with documentation of status as a full-time student — is free.

Apply at Select the Geo-Institute as your Institute of Interest on the “Affiliated Organizations” page of the online application.

Student Opportunities:

Benefits include:

•Numerous networking opportunities to exchange ideas and sharpen your skills
Local geotechnical group and chapter participation opportunities
Technical Committee and Task Force participation opportunities
Awards Program wherein you may gain professional recognition
•Significant discounts on hundreds of publications, seminars and conferences
Opportunity to participate in the many G-I Student Competitions
Opportunity to form a Graduate Student Organization at your school
Opportunity to apply for a Travel Stipend to attend the annual Congress and the Organizational Member/Student Career Fair
Small Grants Program for Graduate Student Organizations

In addition, ASCE has a variety of resources that G-I Student Members can take advantage of, including Mentoring, Career Connections, Scholarships, and Fellowships.


Pile Driving Contractors Association


The PDCA represents Contractors, Suppliers, Manufacturers, Service Providers, Engineers, public agencies, academia, private owner/developers others directly or indirectly involved in the pile driving and earth retention foundations industry.

How to get involved:

Please contact Stevan A. Hall, Executive Director, Pile Driving Contractors Association.  Email:  Office:  888-311-PDCA (7322) or 904-215-4771.  Cell:  904-742-1634.  The PDCA would be happy to work with any college, university, or professor in providing speakers who are considered experts in their professional field.  The PDCA membership resources are broad-based enough to address just about any speaking topic.

Student Membership:

Students can join the PDCA by filling out and submitting an application and payment.  Student fees for joining the PDCA are $25.00 annually.  All PDCA membership information and applications can be accessed online at  A direct link to the PDCA Membership Categories is available by clicking HERE.  Access to the online Membership Application can be accessed by clicking HERE.

Student Opportunities:

The PDCA has established a PDCA/USUCGER Joint Council, whose responsibilities are to develop and implement the PDCA Scholarship program, student competition, research, and coop and intern programs.  This is an ongoing initiative by the Council.  The PDCA hopes to have the first student competition at the association’s 2017 Annual Conference in July 2017.  More information on this competition will be available (most likely) after the first of the year.

Other Opportunities:

PDCA encourages professors and student who have conducted and completed research in the driven pile foundation industry to consider making a presentation during a PDCA conference or submitting an article on the research for publication in the PDCA magazine, PileDriver.  Professors employed full-time and teaching undergrad or grad engineering courses are also eligible for membership in the PDCA.  Information can be found using the links above.  Individual Members (professors) can join the PDCA for $50.00 annually.  Interested individuals should contact the PDCA office. 


GBA (Geoprofessional Business Association)


GBA’s membership is restricted to geoprofessional consulting firms. If you’re not eligible for Member Firm membership, you may be eligible for membership under one of our affiliated practitioner categories. 

Among the most popular GBA member benefits, GBA’s unique and exclusive educational resources and business tools help you bring industry information into your lecture hall on business related issues to better prepare your students for graduation so they can deal effectively with your business and professional-liability risks. GBA gives members almost all its resources free of charge so you can share them with your students.  They include:

  • Proposal and report insert sheets for use as-is, explaining discipline-specific limitations
  • “Message” brochures that explain key issues to client personnel
  • Self-contained multimedia instruction for project managers and field personnel
  • Training curricula that combine various GBA resources on related topics into pre-packaged programs for staff professional development
  • Model contracts, memos, and letters
  • Reference works, including a widely-used contract guide; others on limitation of liability, alternative dispute resolution, and third-party reliance;
  • Best Practices monographs, each focused on an important business issue
  • Case Histories relating to project management as well as business management so you can learn from others’ mistakes

How to get involved:

GBA holds two conferences each year, one in the spring and one in the fall. Each conference offers many educational and networking sessions, industry insights, and fun activities for friends and family, plus the opportunity to earn professional development hours (PDHs).

GBA’s newsletter NEWSLog, issued every two weeks, provides insight into opportunities and threats in geoprofessional consulting so you can educate and enlighten your students on effective practices, legal rulings, educational events, contract clauses, employment opportunities, and GBA itself.


Membership by invitation only:  Request an Invitation to Join GBA.

GBA Faculty Membership.



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