The United States Universities Council on Geotechnical Education and Research (USUCGER) was founded in 1985 to provide advocacy for the continued development and expansion of high quality geotechnical engineering research and education by US academic institutions. This discipline has evolved to include geotechnical, geomechanical, geoenvironmental, geological, and geophysical engineering.

USUCGER's overarching objective is to enhance both the community and the economy, and, through that, the quality of life, by the development and effective implementation of geotechnical infrastructure design techniques that ensure safety, health, security, and support the integrity of the environment, both in the United States and abroad. USUCGER strives to achieve this through interaction with regulatory and funding agencies, and by promoting cooperation and discussion among geotechnical engineering faculty affiliated with U.S. member institutions.

Click here to view the first USUCGER Graduate Geo-Engineering Programs Survey Report.

This report summarizes the results from a survey USUCGER conducted during summer 2020, focusing on the graduate degrees (PhD and/or MS/MEng) awarded from U.S. Geo-Engineering (i.e. Geotechnical, Geological, and Geoenvironmental) Programs in AY 2018-2019.

We congratulate the recipients of the 2020 USUCGER Distinguished Service Award: Jean-Louis Briaud and Rick Fragaszy! We also congratulate the recipients of the 2020 USUCGER Early Career Research Award: Brett Maurer and Brina Montoya!





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