Welcome to the website for Dr. Chris Parrish’s research group. Our research focuses on advanced remote sensing and photogrammetric tools and technologies, including full-waveform lidar, topographic-bathymetric lidar, hyperspectral imagery, sensor fusion, and UAVs for management, science and engineering applications, with particular focus on the coastal zone. Current projects include:

  • NASA ICESat-2 ATLAS (space-based, photon-counting green lidar) and MABEL (airborne simulator for ATLAS) algorithm development in support of bathymetric mapping (Forfinski-Sarkozi and Parrish, 2016), coastal geomorphology and coastal zone management
  • simUAS: computer graphics rendering workflow for generating scenes of simulated UAS imagery for analyzing structure from motion (SfM) outputs (Slocum and Parrish, 2017)
  • Investigation of computationally-simple, shape-based lidar waveform features (e.g., statistical moments, numerical integrals, and slopes) for enhanced analysis of spatially-varying elevation uncertainty and coastal mapping
  • Use of UAVs for bridge inspections (collaborative research with Dr. Dan Gillins)
  • Use of topographic-bathymetric (“topo-bathy”) lidar for mapping benthic habitats, including coral reef and seagrass habitats
  • Bathymetry estimation from multispectral satellite imagery 
  • Total Propagated Uncertainty (TPU) modeling for topo-bathy lidar to support informed decision making