TitleTechnology Policy for Promoting Environmental Sustainability in SMEs: Issues and Considerations for Effective Implementation
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsWyrick DA, Natarajan G., Eseonu CI
JournalAdvances in Sustainable and Competitive Manufacturing Systems Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering
Start Page1237
ISBN Number978-3-319-00557-7
Keywordschange management, sustainability, technical policy

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) represent over 90 % of the companies in the world. As well, the vast majority of persons employed work in SMEs. Most laws, regulations, and standards are targeted toward and implemented by larger firms. In order to promote global sustainability, policies need to be adapted for smaller entities. This work summarizes an assessment on environmental sustainability in SMEs in a rural region of the United States, which identified barriers to and promoters of environmental sustainability, including how sustainability and green initiatives are interpreted by small business owners. This work also summarizes a model for effectively adapting technology policy and practices to promote (or impede) particular technical practices and policies. A discussion of how this assessment and model can be integrated in the context of promoting sustainability among SMEs in a developing country of Morocco is presented. Finally, the implications for promoting the effective management and perception of sustainability in the world’s SMEs are presented and discussed.