Dr. Eseonu speaking during a group meeting Dr. Chinweike Eseonu, Assistant Professor

Dr. Eseonu teaches, and conducts research, in the broad field of process improvement. This applies to the process of patient care in healthcare settings, product design and development in manufacturing and new product development settings, technology diffusion and systems resilience, in the power systems industry, and socio-technical innovation and entrepreneurship, through the community driven technology innovation and investment program.


Dr. Eseonu is originally from Nigeria. He went to high school in the Netherlands and the United Arab Emirates, received the Baccalaureate in Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Ottawa, the MSc in Engineering Management from the University of Minnesota - Duluth, and the PhD in Systems and Engineering Management from Texas Tech University. 


 Waleed Mirdad, Doctoral Student

Waleed is an international student from Saudi Arabia. He recently completed work toward his MSc Industrial Engineering with the PiGroup and decided to remain with the PiGroup for his PhD. Waleed's research goal is to improve the rate of successful lean implementation and sustenance. Specifically, he has sought to address (a) the confusion in the lean nomenclature, (b) the link between lean principles, associated practices, and performance measures that incentivize lean behavior, and (c) the need for effective performance measurement systems for lean systems management.

Waleed is extending his Masters work to devise educational tools and decision support systems for lean implementation and management in healthcare and other product design and development 

 Dattha Palawai, Masters Student

Dattha is working on his Masters Thesis. His research focuses on technology adoption models for renewable energy resources. Specifically, Dattha is looking at the social drivers of smart grid technology adoption in the United States. At the end of his work, Dattha will contribute to decision support and performance measurement systems for utility companies, strategies for smart meter introduction, and related methods of improving resilience in the power systems industry.


 Chris Bame, Sophomore

Chris has worked with the PiGroup since his first year at OSU. He has worked on several projects, including a Healthcare Workforce Needs assessment for the Linn, Benton, Loncoln Workforce Investment Board, and analysis of technology diffusion and adoption trends in the power systems industry. As an honors student, Chris is extending work on technology diffusion to his honors college thesis. Specifically, Chris is investigating the effect of policy incentives on organizational and individual technology behavior.