It is expected that one to two PhD positions are available each year. PhD research involves the development of new techniques, protocols and algorithms for next-generation networked systems, with focus on data analytics, security & privacy, resource optimization, performance modelling, and testbed implementation. PhD research tasks require strong mathematical, programming, and implementation skills, in addition to strong background on wireless networking and communication systems.


  • Must hold MS or BS or Engineering degree/diploma in Telecommunication/Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, or a related field.
  • Must have strong mathematical/theoretical skills and experience (e.g., linear algebra, probability theory, optimization techniques, etc.), wireless communication & networks background, and cryptography and network security fundamentals knowledge. Having taken advanced courses on these subjects would do.
  • Having machine/deep learning knowledge and experience would be a plus. For instance, taking some courses and/or having done some projects applying machine/deep learning would do.
  • Must have strong hands-on skills (programming in C/C++, NS-3, Matlab, troubleshooting, etc.)
  • Must have excellent oral and written English skills.
  • Must be able and willing to work independently as well as to work and collaborate with other research partners (industry, collaborators, and other students).
Application Process:

If you are interested in joining NetSTAR and do your PhD research under the spervision of Prof. Bechir Hamdaoui, please email your resume/CV to Your resume/CV must include the following:

  1. Your CV (with all education and work experience, awards, projects, publications if any, etc.)
  2. Your transcripts (BS and MS if applicable). If originals are not written in English, include translated copies in English as well as copies of the original transcripts.
  3. A statement of research. In 1 to 2 pages, say: (i) Why do you want to pursue a Ph.D.? (ii) What objectives do you expect to achieve in your Ph.D.? (iii) Why do you think you will be a successful Ph.D. candidate?
  4. TOEFL/IELTS. If not taken yet, indicate the earliest date you could take the exam. If already taken, provide your obtained score.
  5. GRE. If not taken yet, indicate the earliest date you could take the exam. If already taken, provide your obtained score.
  6. List of up to three references with their contact information

General Information:
  • Selected students will receive full graduate assistantships, which will support their study expenses. The assistantship pays school tuition fees and offers a monthly stipend, which typically covers other expenses, such as food, housing, etc.
  • Only PhD program applicants will be evaluated for financial support via graduate assistantship.
  • We receive quite a few emails from students looking for open positions and assistanship opportunities to join NetSTAR. Though Prof. Hamdaoui does his best to reply to these emails, it is difficult to respond to each individual request unfortunately. 

OSU undergraduate studentes who are interested in joining research projects should email me at I'm looking for well motivated and talented students who are interseted in the areas intersecting security, wireless, and machine learning. Having taken (or currently taking) courses in at least two of these three areas would be highly recommended.