A. Loman, Corvallis Gazette-Times. Dr. Julie A. Adams and some of the Human Machine Teaming lab members. © 2017 

The Human-Machine Teaming laboratory (HMTLab) focuses on developing capabilities that support humans working with complex systems. There are two core research elements, one focused on the human interaction with such systems and the other focused on the distributed artificial intelligence. Research related to the human interaction focuses on systems that incorporate a single human interacting with a single unmanned system in close proximity to multiple distributed humans interacting with multiple distributed collectives (i.e., swarms and colonies) of unmanned systems. The distributed artificial intelligence research focuses on fundamental intelligent capabilities for multiple unmanned systems (i.e., 2-49 unmanned systems) to biologically inspired collectives (i.e., >50 unmanned systems) to decision support systems that support humans’ decision making processes with complex unmanned systems. The HMT research efforts incorporate ground, aerial and marine unmanned systems.