Advanced Materials Processing and Analysis Lab

Our group focuses the research on processing of ultrafine-grained (UFG) materials and bulk nanostructured materials (BNM) using severe plastic deformation (SPD) and characterize their unique and enhanced physical and mechanical properties. It is distinctly defined that UFG materials are submicron-crystalline materials with grain sizes in the range of 100–1000 nm and nanostructured materials are with grain sizes below 100 nm. Such materials usually have superior mechanical and physical properties including high strength, improved corrosion resistance, and higher wear resistance.

SPD is the special processing technique which introduces very high strains without any significant changes in the overall dimensions of the work-pieces. The research interest lies in the potential for making use of SPD in order to produce bulk nanostructured solids having both exceptional strength at ambient temperatures and excellent forming capabilities at elevated temperatures. Practically, our investigation is initiated to modify the use of special tool geometries of the SPD facilities and to evaluate the effect of SPD on the microstructural evolution and the mechanical properties of structural/light-weight metallic materials.

Contact Information:

Dr. Kawasaki's Office - Dearborn 306
Lab - Dearborn 5
Faculty of Materials Science.
School of Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
Oregon State University
Corvallis, OR 97331