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Educational Tools


The Concept Warehouse: This web application serves as a repository of concept-based questions, and allows instructors to assign questions and analyze the results either live in the classroom or as homework.   The overall objective of the tool is to lower the activation barrier for using conceptual instruction and assessment so that many more STEM faculty will incorporate concept-based learning into their classes.

Available for use now!

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The Virtual CVD Laboratory: This first-principles simulation of a chemical vapor deposition (CVD) reactor provides a virtual laboratory that gives students an authentic experience in experimental design; the Virtual CVD laboratory contains a 3D graphical student interface that simulates a cleanroom environment, and an easy to use web-based instructor interface with integrated assessment tools.

Available for use now!

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The Virtual BioReactor Laboratory: The newest virtual laboratory allows two possible types of bioreactor applications: 1. production of a recombinant protein in yeast, and 2. degradation of a waste compound by a consortium of bacteria acclimated to the specific waste compound.

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Thermosolver: Educational thermodynamics software program is bundled with Professor Koretsky's Engineering and Chemical Thermodynamics textbook; it uses a built-in database of chemical properties to make calculations, such as saturation pressures and fugacities, solving of equations of state, solving vapor-liquid equilibrium problems, and determining chemical reaction equilibria.

Available for use now!

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