Low Speed Wind Tunnel

This low speed wind tunnel (~2m x ~1.8 m test section) is a closed loop system being used to study the flow physics of flapping airfoils. Studies within the tunnel are based on hot-wire velocimetry, flow visualization, and particle image velocimetry (PIV) measurements. The tunnel is capable of mounting large scaled experimental test stands for flow measurements to maximum speed of 40 m/s. 

low speed wind tunnel


Time-Resolved Particle Image Velocimetry System (TR-PIV)

EFMRL is equipped with a high-speed time-resolved laser capable of visualizing the intricate flow physics with high spatio-temporal resolution specifically applicable to unsteady and turbulent flows. The laser is a product of New Wave Research with Nd-YLF technology to illuminate high frequency beam of light with the wavelength of 527 nm. The laser beam is enhanced with optics to generate light sheet or volumes (voxel) for 2D or 3D PIV measurements. Some of the ongoing or past projects using the TR-PIV system are listed as: 


  • Visualization of the transitional and turbulent flow through porous media (NSF)

  • Visualization of the flow over flapping foils for energy harvesting (NSF)

  • Visualization of the flow in a channel

  • Visualization of the flow through a shower head (Lam Research)

  • Visualization of the flow over airfoil 

  • Visualization of the flow in the wake of fixed and oscillating foils (NSF)

  • Visualization of the multiphase flow regime to predict the kick phenomena(DOE)

  • Visualization of bubble dynamics via in-situ vapor extraction

  • Visualization of jet impingement of ink for laser-jet printers (HP)