Geometric Mechanics View of Locomotion

Geometric Mechanics

Locomotion fundamentally works because systems are able to change their constraints during gait cycles.

Ainur behind Charlotte

Spider Webs

Spiders use vibrations in their webs to perceive the world around them.

Tethered Projectile Dynamics

Tethered projectiles wrapping around a target

The Laboratory for Robotics and Applied Mechanics (LRAM) specializes in research at the interface of robotics, physics, and biology. This work includes projects inspired by:

  • Spiders and their webs
  • Snake locomotion

We also conduct fundamental mathematical research in the fieldĀ geometric mechanics, which uses principles from differential geometry to gain insight on problems in classical mechanics.

As a third aspect of our work, we collaborate with local industry to improve the automation of difficult tasks that require highly-flexible solutions.