A group photo of the Marcum Research Group

Front row left to right: Yikuan Yan, Alex Christensen, Tommy Holschuh, Sam Goodrich
Second row left to right: Jonathan Gjemso, Griffen Latimer, Emory Brown, Chad Nixon, Trevor Howard, Chris Nighbert
Third row left to right: Tsung-Wen Jen, Musa Moussaoui, Jaspar Perkins, Sean O'Brien, Evan Sullivan, Caleb Gardner
Fourth row left to right: Dan LaBrier, Wade Marcum, Suyang Liu, Aaron Weiss 
Past group photos


Dr. Wade Marcum’s Research Group focuses on the fundamental understanding of a variety of thermal hydraulic phenomenological areas centered on fluid-structure interactions, natural circulation, reactor safety, flow induced vibration, and advanced reactor design. Members within the group seek to further understand these phenomena from both an experimental and theoretical perspective. Dr. Marcum’s group is a multidisciplinary research collective of students and staff who come from within the School of Nuclear Science and Engineering, and Materials Science program. The group actively interacts with federal, national laboratory, industry, and academic partners to yield high impact research.



Dr. Wade Marcum leades the Marcum Research GroupWade Marcum

Associate Professor

School of Nuclear Science and Engineering

Ph.D. Nuclear Engineering Oregon State University




Radiation Center
Office: 541.737.3018