Radiation Detection Group

Welcome to the Radiation Detection Group website. The group is led by Oregon State University School of Nuclear Science and Engineering Associate Professor Abi Farsoni and specializes in the development of radiation detectors, real-time digital pulse-processing, and radiation dosimetry models. The research conducted in RDD has furthered the understanding of environmental and on-site dose effects and improved technology intended to verify compliance with the Comprehensive Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty.

In the field of radiation detection, our research projects focus on developing radiation detectors and related real-time digital electronics for: 

  • Homeland Security
  • Nuclear Nonproliferation
  • Nuclear Weapon Test Monitoring
  • Radiation Protection
  • Gamma-ray 3-D Imaging



Dr. Abi Farsoni leads the Radiation Detection and Dosimetry Group

Abi Farsoni

Associate Professor

School of Nuclear Science and Engineering

Ph.D. Radiation Health Physics Oregon State University




Radiation Center
Office: 541.737.9645