The Materials Synthesis and Characterization Facility (MASC) is a comprehensive resource that serves as both an open user facility and an innovation center. MASC faculty and staff provide deep experience in thin-film deposition, device fabrication, and materials analysis, serving as a hub for materials and device development on the Oregon State University campus.

OSU’s inorganic materials research has recently elicited worldwide interest in areas including transparent transistors, inorganic photoresists, and blue pigments. These developments and recent hiring of numerous top-flight researchers have positioned MASC for growth in industrial research engagement. The collaboratory is transforming research and education at OSU, while creating an engine for economic impact through job creation, new ventures, and company partnerships. Strategic partners, including other university researchers, industry, and national laboratories, co-locate and collaborate with MASC researchers.

What we do
For external users, MASC is the gateway to materials and device synthesis and characterization on the OSU campus. MASC intensively partners with industry to foster novel technologies, transforming new concepts to reality.

Taking It to the Next Level
Plans are being advanced to build a 50,000 square foot centralized MASC Innovation Facility comprising a cleanroom, synthesis labs, characterization labs and office/conference rooms capable of accommodating 40 faculty, staff and industrial partners, and 200 graduate students. The facility will house a technology incubator for launching spinoffs and assisting established businesses in the development of new technologies and products.