"The one who is manufacturing the great ideas is the one making the money. So I look at it and wonder, how could you ever have an economy without manufacturing?"

Welcome to Metal Additive and Gradient Microstructure Alloys (MAGMA) Laboratory!

  • We are highly dedicated to the design and advanced manufacturing of high temperature iron-and nickel-based alloys.
  • We are also utilizing the fundamental of materials science and powder metallurgy in designing powdered alloys for metal additive manufacturing.
  • Our current focus is on additive manufacturing processes including Selective Laser Melting and Binder Jetting of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys, metal matrix composites and functionally graded alloys.

Thanks for visiting the MAGMA laboratory.



  1. We use materials design approach which couples experimental research with theory and mechanistic modeling for the accelerated and innovative development of alloys and composites for advanced and additive manufacturing.
  2. We passionately pursue a deep understanding of metal additive manufacturing (selective laser melting and binder jetting) process physics, utilizing the fundamental of materials science, powder metallurgy, microstructural and textural studies to develop new materials with multi-functionality and targeted properties.
  3. Our methods which are strongly tied to materials science and powder metallurgy will develop toolbox for economic and scale-up additive manufacturing of high temperature alloys, alloys for extreme environments, metal matrix composites and functionally graded alloys.



  1. Advanced Powder Metallurgy and Field Assisted Sintering
  2. Alloy Design and Material Development for Additive Manufacturing Processes
  3. Additive Manufacturing of High Temperatures Alloys and Metal Matrix Composites
  4. Additive Manufacturing of Functionally Graded Alloys
  5. Advanced Manufacturing of Materials for Extreme Environments (corrosive, high temperature and high radiation doses)