The CIRELab is seeking capable, self-motivated students who are interested in better understanding the science related to energy systems and forest fires.  It is advantageous for students to have experience with designing and building experiments or projects, but training can be provided.  Students must exemplify values of integrity, diligence, and excellence to fit within the group.  Interested graduate and undergraduate students are encouraged to e-mail Dr. Blunck to arrange a time to discuss research opportunities.  Please include a copy of your resume or curriculum vita in your e-mail.

The group seeks to foster the professional and academic development of students.  Successful students are the greatest contribution of the research group to engineering and society.  Students are encouraged to attend and present at conferences, publish is peer reviewed publications, and to interact with relevant industrial partners.  Internships can be pursued depending on funding and progress toward Masters or PhD degrees.

For more information, contact Dr. Blunck at