Blunck L. David, Ph.D


  Assistant Professor School of Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering
  Oregon State University 
  Rogers Hall 314 

About the Director:

Dr. Blunck is a leader in studies of reacting flows and gas turbine engines as illustrated by his accomplishments at Oregon State University, Air Force Research Laboratory, and Purdue University. In his 3 years at OSU he has secured over $2.3 million in external funding for his research group, an additional $96,000 in internal funds and donations, and over $4 million in funds as the principal investigator at OSU. His research group includes 10 graduate students and 7 undergraduate students.  He has established the Combustion, Ignition, Radiation and Energy Laboratory at Oregon State University and co-founded the Propulsion Laboratory. The latter has remote test capabilities and is the only such university laboratory in the Pacific Northwest.  In 2016 he received a Young Investigator Award from the Office of Naval Research.  In 2015 he was named the 2014-2015 AIAA Pacific Northwest Section Young Engineer of the Year.  His accomplishments have been so impressive that he was named the Welty Faculty Fellow for the School in 2015.  Dr. Blunck has 21 peer-reviewed papers, 38 conference publications, and has given 19 invited presentations.

Prior to joining OSU (2013) he was the lead investigator in fundamental combustor research at AFRL (2010 – 2013).  He was so successful that in less than 3 years he was co-leading a team in developing the shortest gas turbine combustor in the world for advanced engines.  Dr. Blunck was also responsible for in house research efforts related to studying the environmental impact of burning alternative fuels.  As part of this effort he helped to lead a team of 4 PhD researchers.  During his time at AFRL, Dr. Blunck established multiple international and national collaborative efforts.  His contributions helped him be awarded a Simpson Team Award at AFRL (2013), and being nominated for a Presidential Early Career Award from the Propulsion Directorate (2011) - the most prestigious award for a young investigator. 

At Purdue University, Dr. Blunck helped lead studies of infrared radiation emissions from exhaust plumes and flames with funding from the Navy.  His research verified a technique for reducing the infrared signature from exhaust plumes.  He developed two novel techniques for using infrared radiation measurements to estimate the temperature within flows. While at Purdue he received a summer research fellowship at AFRL (2009), a Department of Homeland Security Fellowship (2007 – 2010), the Outstanding Graduate Student Award for the School of Mechanical Engineering (sole awardee in 2010), and a Graduate Student Excellence Award from the University, the highest award given at the University (sole PhD awardee, 2010).