Blunck Research Group: Photo taken October 2018

Graduate Students:


Harley Glad (Ph.D.)

Nathan Gardner (Ph.D.)

Mick Carter (Ph.D./M.S.)
Research focus: Identifying the influence of combustion products on detonation speeds and chemistry. Research Focus: Fuel consumption and fire spread of live fuels in wildland fires. Ignition characteristics of live fuels.  Research focus: Ember generation and transport in wildland-urban interface fires

Notable: Head of Oregon State Propulsion Lab. Outstanding Female engineering student at Southern Utah University, former basketball coach at Southern Utah University.

Notable: Recipient of the ARCS Scholar Award. Member of Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society.

Notable: Former aviation structural mechanic on  MH-53E helicopters, with internships at Intel and Erickson Air-Crane.



Kaz Teope (Ph.D.)

Research Focus: Impact of combustion products on ignition jet fuels

Notable: Major in the United States Air Foce, taught at the Air Force Academy, certified diver.

Derek Bean (Ph.D.)

Research Focus: Utilization of solid fuels in pulse detonation engines for energy and propulstion purposes

Notable: Designed and built a long range gas powered UAV for automated wildlife tracking data collection

Benjamin Smucker (Ph.D./M.S.)

Research Focus: Smoldering Combustion of Simple Fuels

Notable: Formerly involved with the hybrid rocket team


Undergraduate Students:

 Will Heffernan (ME)

Kyle Froman (ME)


Former Graduate Students:


Sebastian Okhovat (M.S.)

Eric Zeuthen (M.S.)

Eric Walters (M.S.)

Thesis: Temperature Evolution of
Spark Kernels in Quiescent and
Cross-flow Conditions

Thesis: Infrared radiation emissions from alternative large hydrocarbon fuels Thesis: Flameless (MILD) combustion of large hydrocarbon fuels
Employment: Bell Aerospace Employment: Intel Employment: SpaceX

Aaron Jesse Fillo (Ph.D)

Parker Weide (M.S.)

Tyler Hudson (M.S.)

Thesis: The Global Consumption
Speeds of Premixed Large Hydrocarbon
Fuel/Air Turbulent Bunsen

Thesis: Mild Combustion of a Surrogate Jet Fuel Thesis: Multi-Scale Study of Ember Production and Transport Under Multiple Enviromental and Fuel conditions
Employment: Freelance Employment: NASA Marshall Space Flight Center Employment: Rouge Approach

Jonathan Bonebrake (Ph.D.)

Daniel Cowan (M.S.)

Nathan Schorn (M.S.)

Thesis: Analysis of the
Effects of Combustion Products on
Forced Ignition and Turbulent Flame Propegation

Thesis: Effects of Fuel Characteristics on Spread Rate and Surface Temperatures of Smoldering Duff Thesis: Turbulent Combustion
Analysis of Large Hydrocarbon
Fuels in a Reduced Pressure 
Employment: Freelance Employment: Los Alamos National Laboratory Employment: Onboard Dynamics


Former Undergraduate Students:


Wiley Wolfe (ChE)


Jeremiah Hauth (ME)


Michael Katancik (ME)


Calvin Stalp (ME)


Brad Anderson (ME)


Ian Walters (ME)

Bruck Sameshima (ChemE)


Tyler Baker (ME)


Emma Fraley (ME)


Morgan Mayer (ChemE)


Justice Ofosu (ME)


John Anderson (ME)


Alex Bruzda (ME)


Joshua Allen (ME)


Austin Rose (ME)


Jorge Dominguez
Email: TBA


Rachel Nelke (ME)


Haden Wallin (ME)


Kaiden Moore (ME)


Scott Boreham (ME)


Matthew Hoeper (ME)