Current Students:

  • Selina Lambert, M.S. student in Civil Engineering, Spring 2021 (expected)
  • Kyle Herrera, M.S student in Civil Engineering, Spring 2022 (expected)

Graduated Students:

  • Ben Babbel (co-advised with Dr. Mike Olsen), M.S., Civil Engineering, Spring 2020
  • Richie Slocum, Ph.D., Civil Engineering, Winter 2020
  • Nicholas Forfinski-Sarkozi, Ph.D., Civil Engineering, Fall 2020
  • Michael Dennis, Ph.D., Civil Engineering, Fall 2018 
  • Chase Simpson, M.S., Civil Engineering, Fall 2018 
  • Nicholas Wilson, M.S., Civil Engineering, Spring 2017
  • Kory Kellum, M.S., Civil Engineering, Spring 2017
  • Matthew Gillins, M.S., Civil Engineering, Fall 2016

Prospective Students:

OSU’s Geomatics program is growing, and we are continually looking for qualified grad students. All application materials for fall admission are typically due at the end of December. However, it is helpful to get an early start on the application, so that all the documents arrive in time for our review. Early in the year, we review the applications and then make decisions on which students are selected for admissions and funding. We typically fund the most qualified PhD and MS students through Research and Teaching Assistantships.

Additional information can be found here:

More information specific to our geomatics graduate program can be found here: