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2021 Lathrop, Eve D. MS

Regional and Site-Specific Vulnerabilities of the Western Power Grid from a M9.3 Cascadia Subduction Zone Earthquake

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2018 Simpson, Chase H. MS A Multivariate Comparison of Drone-Based Structure from Motion and Drone-Based Lidar for Dense Topographic Mapping Applications
2017 O'Banion, Matthew S. PhD Rigorous 3D Point Cloud Quality Assessment
2017 Weaver, Brian J. MS Hybrid Survey Networks : Combining Real-time and Static GNSS Observations for Optimizing Height Modernization 
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2017 Wilson, Nicholas C. MS Radiometric Calibration of EAARL‐B Bathymetric Lidar Data
2017 Kellum, Kory E. MS Seamless Topobathymetric River Mapping Through Multi-Sensor Data Integration: Lidar, Sonar, RTK GNSS and Structure from Motion
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2017 Sharifi-Mood, Mahyar PhD Probabilistic Geospatial Analyses, Uncertainty Modeling, and Mapping of Seismically-induced Ground Failures
2017 Lanfri, Katherine BS-International

Identification of suitable sites for aquifer storage and recovery (ASR) projects in the Lake Chad
Conventional Basin, Africa using Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

2016 Bunn, Michael MS Evaluation of the Performance of Lateral Spread Displacement Empirical Models for Subduction Zone Earthquake Case Histories
2016 Gillins, Matthew N. MS Unmanned Aircraft Systems for Bridge Inspection : Testing and Developing End-to-End Operational Workflow
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2013 Conner, Jeremy MS Quantification of landslide movement in a forested environment
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2012 Williams, Keith MS Accuracy assessment of LiDAR point cloud geo-referencing 
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